Los Jarros in West Kelowna

CORR Star Ratings - 3 star - yummy

On March 28, 2014, friends Sharon and Merv treated us GeriGeeks, Leslie and Annie to a meal in thanks for some computer tech help. None of us had been to Los Jarros before, but being fans of Mexican food, we decided to give it a try. We were given a couple of sharing plates of tortilla chips (topped with a very hot salsa!) to nibble on as we perused the menu.

I’m used to Tex Mex, and this was very different — ‘Authentic Mexican Cuisine’! Even the drinks were a bit unusual. We could not decide between the Tamarind Juice or the Hibiscus Iced Tea, so the server brought us all sample sizes to try out both. Our decisions were split down the middle. Two of us had the darker, sweeter Tamarind Juice, and two of us had the lighter, milder tasting pink Hibiscus Iced Tea.


I decided to try the most unique item I could find on the menu, the Chile Relleno. It’s a stuffed pepper that usually comes smothered in salsa. Having tasted the salsa with the tortillas (and finding it a bit too fiery) I opted to get the sauce on the side. The server told us that many people come to the restaurant specifically for this dish, and I understand why. I would certainly order it again myself.

Sharon had the Fish Taco.

Merv had the Ground Beef Taco.

Leslie had the Enchilada.

Tex Mex is often inundated with cheese and there was very little in these dishes, which surprised us. Nonetheless, it was a fun and enjoyable new authentic Mexican experience for all of us.

The Dining Experience

Quality of Food

The food was fresh tasting and served hot. We were pleased to receive complimentary tortilla chips to whet our appetites. The beverages were something unique that we’re unlikely to find elsewhere, and that is always an incentive to try them out.

The salsa was quite hot for my taste, and I would have liked there to be an option for a milder version.


The service was exemplary. The waitress was very attentive, informative and helpful. We had a lot of questions and she was always available to answer them fully and was very patient with us. The food was brought to us quickly.


We arrived at around 7:30pm, the later end of dinner time. There were only 2 or 3 other tables dining during the time that we were there, which was a bit surprising for a Friday evening. The restaurant is small, yet divided into 2 areas, both decorated brightly. Cacti sit on shelves, and tables are draped in traditional Mexican festive colours and patterns.


The restaurant was clean by average standards. The washroom had glass brick and more cacti decor.

Value for money

The average cost for an entrée was $10 which was a fair price for a meal that is extraordinary and not your typical Canadian fare.


In general, authentic Mexican cuisine can be something of an acquired taste, but I feel that Los Jarros is well worth trying if you’re a fan of Mexican food. Stay open-minded though, as it may not be quite what you’re used to!