The Chopped Leaf in Kelowna

The Chopped Leaf in Kelowna
CORR Star Ratings - 3 star - yummy

During the June long weekend, my friend Sylvea and I ate at a few places in the Okanagan, not the least of which was The Chopped Leaf on Bernard Avenue near the lake in Kelowna’s downtown. We wanted something quick, fresh, healthy and light for a summery lunch. The “design your own salads and wraps” was a perfect choice. We both chose wraps.

Sylvea and Annie at The Chopped Leaf

You get to choose one protein (I chose chicken), a green (I had spinach), a cheese (I picked cheddar), 3 choppings (mine were mushrooms, chick peas and avocado) and a dressing (caesar). The possibilities are endless!

The Dining Experience

Quality of Food

The food was freshly prepared while we waited. All the ingredients were fresh and of a high standard. The wrap was filled end-to-end.


There are only a few tables at this location and there were few other customers, so the service was very prompt. The staff were friendly and very helpful, telling us how their unique menu worked with the ‘design your own’ feature.


A bit dark for a lunch venue, but nonetheless, a natural feel.


The place was very clean, tidy and organized.

Value for money

You can get cheaper wraps elsewhere, but the choice and opportunity to select as you like it is worth the bit extra. I was also very confident about the freshness and cleanliness since everything is done where you can see it being made, with all the correct hygiene methods strictly in place. My bill came to $12.88 including a bottle of iced tea and tax.


We both thoroughly enjoyed our lunch and would highly recommend it. Therefore, we gave it 3 stars. I’ve been back since!

Sylvea at The Chopped Leaf in Kelowna